Thamesmead Tor and Canals

This ride takes about two hours and is almost entirely traffic free, and almost completely flat, apart from the optional ascent of a tor alongside Gallions Reach park, for a panoramic view of the riverside.

Click here to view the route as ridden in May 2012.

Brief description of route.

Start at Abbey Wood rail station, ride east towards the Lessness Abbey bridge.  Then north to the river. Next west along the riverside path, first paved, later gravel.  Around the tip of Tripcock Ness and then southwest past the gates of Gallions Reach Park (expected to be open in 2014).   The tor is visible to the south and is reached by turning away from the riverside and riding around Gallions Reach eco village. From the top of the tor,  you may be able to spot the Olympic stadium and the construction site for Crossrail, east of Plumstead rail station.  Closer to the tor, you may see the canals that form the next stage of the ride.

Leave the tor, riding briefly eastwards, then turn west along the canal.  Look out for a heron !  Across crossing a few roads, the Broadwater canal is immediately ahead.  Turn to regain the riverside and proceed towards Woolwich.  Explore as much of the Arsenal as you want (and turn back here if you wish).  Alternatively continue towards the ferry and onward alongside the river until the path  runs out, just short of the Thames Barrier.

The return route is along the same lines. If you wish for a shorter return, leave the riverside  after Broadwater and head towards Belmarsh.   A short section on the pavement  alondside the dual carriageway leads to the quiet of Birchmere park.  Then a high level bridge within the roundabout leads again around Southmere lake back to Abbey Wood.

Date of next excursion on this route:  to be arranged.

If you would like to join a group ride such as this, click below to send an email  to mentioning “Thamesmead Tor and Canals”.


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