Hawksmoor Loops (Thamesmead Paths)

Hawksmoor Loops – 12 noon onwards – Saturday 24th January 2015

An hour or so of easy traffic free riding on cycle paths in Thamesmead around linked loops radiating from Hawksmoor Youth Centre.  There are 4 loops each about 2 miles (or less) or 15 minutes riding. Each loop goes near the youth centre, so riders can choose whether to continue or rest; and new people can join in as they wish.

These rides are in support of a Family Fun Day (with lots of other non-cycling activities) based at Hawksmoor Youth Centre, organised by TrustThamesmead.  We’ll also be giving out leaflets and maps etc and advice about riding locally.

Meet any time after 12 noon.  A fresh wave of riders is expected to set off  at about 12:15, 13:30 and 14:45 approx.  If you want to ride a repeat session that’s grand.  Or, having learned the routes, you could try riding your own variations or extensions.

Hawksmoor Youth Centre is adjacent to to Bentham Road in the central part of northern Thamesmead  close to Oriole Way – postcode SE28 8AS.

See this MAP for a sketch of the routes.

For tips about riding to Hawksmoor, or for more  information, please contact bexley.cyclists@gmail.com , or just turn up on the day.


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