Danson Park to Avery Hill Park

On Sunday 11 May, a local ‘Park to Park’ ride  in the afternoon from Danson Park to Avery Hill Park –  likely route here  .  Part of our publicity for  Space for Cycling.

Meet at 2:00pm  on the east side of Danson Park, uphill from the Boathouse DA6 8HL.  Set off at about 2:15pm for gentle ride on quiet roads via Marlborough Park and Willersley Park to Avery Hill Park (near SE9 2JN).

Enjoy a lap or two of Avery Hill Park on new circular path, where ‘cycling permitted, pedestrian priority’.  Alternatively, take brief refreshment at the cafe, or wander through the winter garden.

We will leave Avery Hill Park at about 4pm, returning to Danson Park by about 4:30 to 4:45.  About eight miles cycling, plus any additional laps in Avery Hill Park, and of course your own trip to and from Danson Park.

Send email to bexley.cyclists@gmail.com if you intend to come, or if you want further information.




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